Company Overview

“Positively Synthesizing”
Our focus is on a firm commitment to client satisfaction; therefore, our goal is to provide the best service in the industry at a competitive, fair cost.

News and Links

Provides worldwide architecture and building industry news. Includes feature archive, calendar of upcoming events.

Builder Online
Provides articles on legal and economic news affecting the construction industry.

Building Design and Construction
Provides non-residential construction industry news stories and reports.

Provides news stories and press releases on technology in the construction industry, archived by topic.

Lighting Resource
Online Industry News contains news stories by topic, including architecture, construction, energy, engineering, environment.

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Guiding Principles

CLIENT SATISFACTION COMES FIRST: The quality of our projects and services creates client satisfaction, our top priority.

VALUE: Our clients deserve quality projects at a fair price; this is how we build repeat business and our reputation.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Never standing on past accomplishments, we always strive to improve our projects and services and to ensure our efficiency, quality and profitability through innovation and training.

TEAMWORK: We have a tradition of collaborative support and communication.

INTEGRITY: We will never compromise our code of conduct or social responsibilities. We are committed to our high standards of fairness and integrity.

“INDEX specialized management groups and innovative planning, building intellectual spaces are all a result of our commitment to our clients.”

“INDEX is ethical, easy to work with and we always deliver on time. We are collaborative and our approach and concerned about our client thinks. Index encourages a client satisfaction culture within the company.”